Who is Mohammed Alrokayan?

I established my first business in 2003, and ventured on as the Founder and CEO of two thriving success-based businesses; Rizq Group Pty Ltd (Saudi Arabia) and CoRise Pty Ltd (Australia), of which the latter I developed and sold. I aim to cultivate businesses beyond their expectations through my broad range of knowledge and my zeal for success.
Alongside the solid networks I maneuver within, I propel businesses by way of my extensive educational background. Rooted in the IT field, I am equipped with a First Class Honours Master’s Degree in Information Technology and stand as a PhD candidate in Entrepreneurship and Cloud Computing; both from the University of Melbourne (Australia). Having worked in the academic field at King Saud University, as well, being a business practitioner for more than 10 years, I have a wealth of knowledge to offer.

I have earned numerous highly competitive awards in creativity and innovation, such as ‘The Smartest Business Idea by World Economic Forum – The Global Shapers Community in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; 2015’ for the development of the ‘Smart Hub’ project, and continue to push mental limits.

Presently, I focus my efforts on building one of the best entrepreneurial developmental programs under my company Rizq Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (Rizq Group Pty Ltd). As an internationally recognised accredited trainer in leadership, I am experienced in fostering the strengths of my clients. I am determined to use my skills to triumph other businesses by guiding them through the ins and outs of business start-up, and developing the same leadership mentality.

It is with the many hidden keys that I have collected through my multi-national entrepreneurial endeavors that I hope to empower business people and innovators. With the power of knowledge in technology, business strategy, and strong targeted networks, it is very possible to create a sustainable, flourishing business. I stand proof of that, and venture to make my life’s work reflect in the success of others.

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